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Polly Pocket Tiny Power Locket

Manufacturer #:FRY34

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  • With the help of a magic locket inherited from her grandmother, Polly Pocket shrinks to pocket-sized and embraces her Tiny Mighty powers!
  • Now girls can have the Tiny Power! Locket inspired by the one Polly has in the show!
  • Push the button on the bottom of the pendant and the beautiful locket reveals a dazzling light show!
  • Recreate the magical scene from the show with this Tiny Power! Locket and watch Polly doll embrace her Tiny Mighty powers!
  • It’s magical fun with Polly Pocket and the Tiny Power! Locket; colors and decorations may vary

  • (619) 659-9898
  • 5005 Willows Rd. Ste 216
  • Alpine, CA 91901
  • Monday – Saturday: 10AM - 8PM
    Sunday: 11AM - 7PM – 3PM